Mortgage Data Integrity, LLC’s quality control review is to determine if the MAP lender operates in full compliance with the National Housing Act (NHA), HUD-FHA and MAP requirements and its own quality control policies and procedures.

The review will attempt to determine if the loan reviewed demonstrates that the lender adheres to the MAP Guide policies and procedures, MAP Forms Book and clarifications and revisions in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), applicable regulations, Mortgagee Letters, HUD Notices and HUD Handbooks, and their own internal controls.

The review contains the following:

Underwriting Analysis
Architectural Review
Cost Review (PNCA, Major Movable, Minor Equipment)
Construction Loan Administration
Desktop Appraisal Review and Market Analysis Review (MDI does not perform this service, but will help the lender locate a qualified source.)

The format followed are the application and closing checklists found in the appendix of the MAP guide.  Each item is reviewed and determined whether an exception occurred.  The report will list each item, if there was an exception noted and an auditor’s explanation for that exception.
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